School Sports

Outdoor athletic coaching: javelin.

This week we have been practising our throwing skills with the javelins. We tried standing throws and the throws with a short run up. Some of us even managed to get our javelins to the other side of the oasis!

Outdoor athletic coaching: hurdles.

This week we have been practising our jumping skills by jumping hurdles. We even did a few track races in our session to put our skills to the test!

Outdoor athletic coaching: running.

Today we began our coaching sessions with our athletics coach. We worked on our sprinting through relay races as well as doing some long distance running.

Year 2 Easter Trail and Races

This half term in Year 2 have been learning about Easter with Mrs Hall. As a special treat today she had planned a fun filled morning of activities all based around an Easter theme. The first activity was an Easter trail. The children had to look for and solve clues...

Gymnastic Routines

After 6 weeks of hard work learning skills in gymnastics it was time to show our final routines showing our rolls and balances amongst other things. Our gymnastics coach was extremely proud of our hard work and commitment.

Pass It On Project

Year 1 and 2 have taken part in the 'Pass It On' Project this term. They have had weekly clogging lesson where they have learnt about the local history of clog dancing and mining in the North East of England. All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed this unique and...


Year 4 are working with a coach this term to build on their gymnastic skills. They are working particularly on the beam and floor learning new balancing skills and mastering the forward and backward roll. Its quite tricky to get everything right but they are trying...

Quick Sticks Hockey

Yesterday Year 4 took part in a hockey tournament at Whickham. They were able to use their skills competitively as they have been learning how to use hockey skills in PE over the last couple of months. There were some star players who really shone through - maybe some...

Blaydon West netball club.

This week in after school netball we have been practising our passing and defending skills. We then had a short match which we all really enjoyed! We can't wait for next week!

NUFC football coaching.

We have been having football coaching from the NUFC coaches during this Spring term. We have been developing our skills and trying them out during matches against each other. We have also been working on our sportsmanship.

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