School Sports

2019 Sports day!

The whole school had a fantastic sports day today! Our Year 6 pupils did a great job running all the activities for the rest of the pupils. Thank- you to any parents/careers who came to support the children.

Athletics : jumping.

This week we have been working on our jumping skills. We have been practising jumping from standing on two feet to landing on two feet. We then attempted to beat the world record for a standing jump of 3.73m ( the green cone)! As you can see we didn't quite manage...

Campfires at Gibside

This week when Year 4 visited Gibside it was time for a campfire! Not only did they use flints and bow drills to create a fire but they were lucky enough to toast marshmallows too! There was enough time to build some camps and explore to keep everyone busy!

Athletics : relay races.

This week year 5 and 6 have been practising their relay racing techniques. We have been working on passing the baton and ensuring everyone in the team passes the baton correctly.

Athletics : running.

This afternoon in PE we have been practising our pacing when running. We did a few 2 minute runs and worked up to a 6 minute run! It it's a lot longer than it sounds and we really had to think about our pacing.

Outdoor & Adventurous Year 4’s

This week we started our outdoor and adventurous unit in PE. We are lucky enough to have 5 sessions at Gibside to explore and develop our outdoor skills! This week as it was our first week, we discussed safety in the outdoors which means looking after ourselves, each...

NUFC sessions.

We have been continuing to develop our defending and attacking skills as well as our team work skills during our NUFC sessions this week.

High Ropes

Year 5 and 6 had great fun overcoming their fears on the high ropes course. It was great to see the children showing determination and encouraging each other to complete the course. 

Warming up on a cold, snowy day. 

We had a change of plan in PE today and played lots of running and chasing games to warm us up. We all could feel the difference the exercise had on our bodies by the end.          

NUFC Coaching 

Year 2 have been working hard with our NUFC coach Mr Blackburn. They have been learning all about how to effectively use space. They have been practising and applying there skills in a range of different games such as football and basketball. 

Match Fit

Over the last few week in PE, Year 2 have been learning all about how to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. They have worked alongside coaches from NUFC to learn all about how to have a balanced diet and how to look after the vital organs in their bodies. They have...

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