Extract’s from our 2017 Ofsted report…

Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary and they enjoy their learning, particularly in mathematics and reading.”

 “The overwhelming majority of parents and carers are delighted with the quality of education their children receive.”

“…your staff know every pupil extremely well and has enabled you to provide carefully chosen support to help pupils to make more rapid progress. “

“You are driven to ensure that your pupils will have nothing but the best and have comprehensive plans in place to secure further improvement in the school.”

“You are meticulous in checking the suitability of adults, including volunteers, to work with children.”

“Pupils can articulate the risks when they are online and are confident about the steps they must take to keep themselves safe.”

“…sharp analysis of pupils’ assessments and close scrutiny of pupils’ workbooks have resulted in well-chosen professional development for staff.”

“Senior leaders are not afraid to invite external scrutiny and support to continually improve their  effectiveness. “

The full report can be found under  “about” “OFSTED ” from the top toolbar

School Performance

We are extremely  proud of the progress our children make not just at the end of each Key Stage but across our school as a whole.

The children’s learning journey means that the vast majority of children make super progress in Reading, Writing and Maths and the 2016 SATS showed that the majority  of children made more than expected progress in the three core subjects compared to other schools in Gateshead, and other schools Nationally.

This is a fantastic result for everyone at Blaydon West Primary School.


More Information

Further information can be found on the Department for Education’s website below.

Blaydon West – Compare Schools – DfE website

Results 2016

EYFS 2016GLDNationalGateshead LA
Blaydon W69.6%69.368.3
Y1 Phonics 2016Blaydon WNationalGateshead LA
Blaydon W84.6%80.5%79.7
KS1 2016 At the expected Standard
Blaydon W80%74%80%65%80%73%
KS1 2016 GDSReadingNationalWritingNationalMathsNational
Blaydon W40%26.66%20%
KS2 2016 At the expected Standard
KS2 2016Combined Expected StandardNationalCombined High Level of AttainmentNational
Blaydon W82%53%6%5%
KS2 2016 High Levels of Attainment
KS2 2016 Average Progress
Blaydon W2.103.403.90
KS2 2016 Average Scaled Score
Blaydon W105103109104108103
Results 2016

2015 KS2 Results

Please note these figures represent a class size of only 11 children.

Reading: 73% achieved level 4 with 73% of children making 2 levels progress  & 18% making 3 levels progress

SPAG: 55% achieved level 4 & 36% achieved level 5

Writing: (TA) 63% achieved level 4, 27%  achieved level 5,  82% made 2 levels progress  & 36% made 3 levels progress.

Maths 73% achieved level 4,  9% achieved  level 5,  73% made 2 levels progress &  9% made 3 levels progress

Reading and Writing and Maths Combined 55%


2014 KS2 Results

Due to the new leadership in school, and our continuing commitment to raise standards, we are proud to share our 2014 Key Stage 2 results with you.

70% of children achieved level 4 or above in Reading, Writing and Maths (91% in 2013, 80% in 2012, 52% in 2011)

94% of children made expected progress (2 or more levels) in Reading and Writing (95% in 2013, 100% in 2012, 52% in 2011)

80% of children made expected progress (2 or more levels) in Maths (95% in 2013, 90% in 2012, 48% in 2011)

25% of children achieved level 5 or above in English (30% in 2013, 25% in 2012, 3% in 2011)

30% of children achieved level 5 or above in Maths (45% in 2013, 35% in 2012, 10% in 2011)

15% of children achieved level 5 or above in Reading, Writing and Maths. (18% in 2013)



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