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Christmas Festivities!

This Christmas we have enjoyed a disco, a carol concert and finished off with a pantomime. Lots of fun was had by all. Happy Christmas everyone!   

Christmas Choir joined by BBC singer …

Who knew? (Mr Fitzsimons and Mr Brown both knew…) Read on…   On Wednesday our KS2 Christmas Choir made the journey to the Metrocentre for our annual singing escapade. We were met by the wonderful Reverend Canon Lyn Jamieson and her 'Metrocentre Christmas Security...

Christmas Choir

This year 31 children have taken part in the Christmas choir making it their mission to spread Christmas cheer where ever they go. On Monday they visited Shibdon Court, Blaydon Resource Center and Hadrian House. Their angelic voices certainly warmed many hearts and...

Parliament Workshop

Last week Year 6 enjoyed a parliament workshop which included a dramatisation of the Houses of Parliament, this involved a debate about banning homework. Afterwards they worked in groups to design their own party logo and policies. At the end of the afternoon they had...

Year 6 and Reception

Today Year 6 and Reception enjoyed a little walk down to church to rehearse for Monday's carol service.  

Investigating Missing Angles

This morning Year 6 were investigating missing angles and matching answers to make: 180 degrees on a straight line; 360 degrees around a point; angles inside of a triangle; and vertically opposite angles.   

A Visit to Nissan

Yesterday Year 6 had an amazing visit to Nissan. The visit included a real car assembly line building a car with Lego, a walk around the factory and we even watched a robot draw a picture! Some people in our class won a poster competition and received prizes to bring...

Coding with Kodu

Year 6 have enjoyed working on a new coding programme in their computing lesson this week. The software they were using is called Kodu and they have all begun to create a new world and programme sprites. We are looking forward to adding players and challenges!

Harvest Art

During our harvest week at school Year 6 decided to complete some harvest art in the style of Van Gogh. Take a look at some of the techniques we used including using the brush in different ways to create texture and also mixing colours to create different tones to...

A Visit to the Food Bank

This morning Year 6 carried all of our collected Harvest food to the local food bank. It was an interesting visit where the children had to sort the food into different categories and also make up a food parcel for a family of four.

Science at the Centre for Life

Year 6 enjoyed a really interesting and exciting day at the Centre for Life. They worked like real scientists in the lab thinking about famous Greek inventions and discoveries including density! During the day they explored the other exhibitions  and came away with...

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