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On Friday Year 6 spent a wonderful jam packed day in York! After a short train journey they started their day at the National Railway Museum followed by lunch at Pizza Express and in the afternoon they visited the Jorvik Centre. It was a busy day but with lots of fun...

Pizza & Cinema time for Year 6!

Following a fantastic enterprise week Year 6 earned enough money to go to the cinema and to visit MOD Pizza for a brilliant pizza party! According to Year 6 - it was the best day ever!  

A Visit to the Safety Works

On Thursday Years 4,5 and 6 had an interesting time at the Safety Works Newcastle. They met the transport police, a St John Ambulance volunteer and a fire officer who all talked to them about keeping themselves safe over the summer. One of the best things about it was...

Playtime Fun!

During playtime we have lots of fun with our friends playing on our timber trail, playing with different equipment and relaxing with our friends on our bean bags!

Technology Tom at Blaydon West!

What a wonderful and exciting morning for all of our children! Technology Tom had an array of different objects and machines which he demonstrated using our children to show many different theories. Air, gravity and water power were all shown through a series of...


Today Year 6 started their Yoga unit in PE. Coach Debbie said they were extremely mindful and focused on their relaxation techniques through excellent breathing exercises. They can now do the frog shape as well as the turtle and are beginning to learn how to do the...

Northumbria University

Yesterday Year 6 participated in an aspirational day at Northumbria University which included problem solving games, dodge ball and a tour around the campus. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to find out about student life and the vast choice of courses on...

The Graveyard Book

In our literacy this term we are reading 'The Graveyard Book' by Neil Gaiman. This has inspired us to create silhouette art work and use artistic techniques to show texture in our grave stone replicas and also within our graveyard silhouette scenes....

Andy Warhol Style Art

This term Year 6 are studying the styles of comic art and pop art. Using the techniques of Andy Warhol through colour and stimulus they have created some excellent colourful pop art style work.

Fitness Coaching in year 6

This term Year 6 are lucky enough to have a visiting coach from Thorp Academy working with them on their fitness levels and putting them through a rigorous fitness routine! Everyone is red faced and worn out by the end of the boot-camp style lessons!

NSPCC Workshop

Today Year 5 & 6 enjoyed participating in a NSPCC workshop. They discussed different scenarios and decided what would be okay and what would not be okay in order to keep children safe. They were all very sensible and discussed the scenarios with maturity. The...

Netball in Year 6

This term Year 6 have a netball coach in school who is teaching them lots of new netball skills. They can pass the ball in different ways: chest pass, overhead pass and bounce pass. Also they are now playing team games regularly using tactics to defend and attack.

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