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Spooktacular Science week:Creepy Density

During Science week we carried out an investigation into density. We observed which creepy objects would sink or float on different liquids. We found out that the eyeball (not a real one!) floated on top of the oil however the spider (also not real!) sank through the...

Amazing adaptations workshop.

Today we had a visit from Newcastle university staff who carried out a science workshop with us all about amazing adaptations. We found out about different ways that a range of plants and animals have adapted to ensure their survival. We had to design our own bird,...

Where did the Harvest donations go???

Today year 6 took all of the food donated for our Harvest festival to the food bank at Trinity church in Blaydon. They sorted all of the donations ready to be taken to the warehouse to be given to people in need of food. Thank you again for your kind donations....

Intertwining themes in Holes…

In year 6 we have now finished reading our class novel : Holes. We have all really enjoyed reading it and using ideas in it for our writing. Today we looked at the three main themes that run through the book and discussed how they all link together to give the reader...

Weeding at the allotment!

This morning, we went to the allotment. We found lots of rasberries which we picked and enjoyed eating back in the classroom! We found one normal potato and one sweet patato. We all loved it at the allotment because it was a lot of fun. We also found bugs and insects...

Monozukuri Caravan at Nissan!

This week Year 5 and 6 visited the Monozukuri Caravan at Nissan where they had a fun filled day learning all about the different job roles within Nissan from engineers to fork lift drivers. They enjoyed some tasty snacks! They designed their own cars using lego. Then...

Maths with Northumbria university!

Year 5 and 6 have had a visit from a member of Northumbria university for a maths workshop with a twist! They have been exploring and developing thier maths skills through a range of problems relating to the magical world of Harry Potter, Roald Dahl's amazing stories...

Gymnastics with Grassroots.

This week in gymnastics we have been putting together sequences using the skills we have developed over the past few weeks.

Year 6 library visit.

Today year 6 visited the library where they took part in a poetry competition. They had great fun thinking of different rhymes that they could include and a lot of their poems had a spooky Halloween theme!

Jeans for Genes day!

For Jeans for Genes day last week, year 6 looked at genotype and phenotypes. They flipped coins to determine the genotype and used a key to create the phenotypes of their own smiley faces.


On Friday Year 6 spent a wonderful jam packed day in York! After a short train journey they started their day at the National Railway Museum followed by lunch at Pizza Express and in the afternoon they visited the Jorvik Centre. It was a busy day but with lots of fun...

Pizza & Cinema time for Year 6!

Following a fantastic enterprise week Year 6 earned enough money to go to the cinema and to visit MOD Pizza for a brilliant pizza party! According to Year 6 - it was the best day ever!  

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