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2019 Sports day!

The whole school had a fantastic sports day today! Our Year 6 pupils did a great job running all the activities for the rest of the pupils. Thank- you to any parents/careers who came to support the children.

Campfires at Gibside

This week when Year 4 visited Gibside it was time for a campfire! Not only did they use flints and bow drills to create a fire but they were lucky enough to toast marshmallows too! There was enough time to build some camps and explore to keep everyone busy!

Segedunum Roman Fort

Year 4 had an amazing visit to Segedunum Roman Fort! It was really exciting to see real evidence showing the different kinds of buildings and structures that were present from the past. Year 4 also learned how to be Roman soldiers by using shields and spears whilst...

Outdoor & Adventurous Year 4’s

This week we started our outdoor and adventurous unit in PE. We are lucky enough to have 5 sessions at Gibside to explore and develop our outdoor skills! This week as it was our first week, we discussed safety in the outdoors which means looking after ourselves, each...

Aspire Workshop Linked With Thorp Academy

Year 4 are currently working on a programme with Thorp Academy to help them think about the core values of being a student and what they aspire to be. The core values they have looked at so far are commitment and integrity. The workshop is full of interesting group...


In Year 4 we have been studying bridges in design technology. We have looked at some magnificent, famous bridges across the world and studied their features. Some features such as arches, suspension, beam and cantilever were used when we designed our own bridges to...

Annual Christmas carol service.

Thank you to all of those who joined us for our Christmas carol service at St Cuthberts church. The children really enjoyed singing some traditional carols as well as a few songs from their nativities.

Building Stonehenge

Year 4 topic work this term included lots of research and studying around Stonehenge and The Stone Age. As part of their studies they used some sculpturing techniques to build a model of Stonehenge. Some of the features include the Heel Stone, The Avenue and also some...

Blaydon West Christmas Choir

This year our Christmas Choir sang some carols in our local community. We visited Briarwood and Hadrian House to spread some Christmas cheer to the local residents. We were all in good voice and everyone enjoyed our singing although we especially enjoyed the juice and...

Spooktacular Science week mix-up morning!

As part of our Spooktacular science week we took part in a mix up morning. Each year group was split up and mixed with other year groups in KS2. In our activity with Mrs Brown we researched the question : What makes bats spookily clever in the dark? We all had lots of...

Does it Dissolve?

Year 4 enjoyed carrying out an investigation all about dissolving. They looked at the idea of a fair test including what needs to stay the same and what needs to change. It was interesting to see the marshmallow dropped into different liquids including oil, vinegar,...

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