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Investigating Friction

In our science topic of forces and magnets we have been investigating friction. We experimented by changing the surface on a ramp and measured what height the ramp needed to be lifted to for the car to travel down. Some of the surfaces we used were a whiteboard, some...

Silver Award

Year 3 have been learning to play the recorder since September and have received their Silver Award. The children have been working extremely hard refining their skills and have shown excellent perseverance with playing a new instrument. 

Christmas Choir joined by BBC singer …

Who knew? (Mr Fitzsimons and Mr Brown both knew…) Read on…   On Wednesday our KS2 Christmas Choir made the journey to the Metrocentre for our annual singing escapade. We were met by the wonderful Reverend Canon Lyn Jamieson and her 'Metrocentre Christmas Security...

Christmas Choir

This year 31 children have taken part in the Christmas choir making it their mission to spread Christmas cheer where ever they go. On Monday they visited Shibdon Court, Blaydon Resource Center and Hadrian House. Their angelic voices certainly warmed many hearts and...

Squidgy Snowmen!

Once the children had finished creating their Christmas cards, to bring this term's Art Club sessions to a close, the children (and adults) created their very own edible snowmen. As soon as we had all completed assembling our squidgy masterpieces we all sat down...

Into Film 

Today, Year 1, 2, 3, 4 and Reception visited the Odeon cinema to take part in the 'Into Film Festival'. They had a fantastic time watching Despicable Me 3. They are all very excited to create some writing inspired by the film in their Literacy lessons next week.

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