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Into Film 

Today, Year 1, 2, 3, 4 and Reception visited the Odeon cinema to take part in the 'Into Film Festival'. They had a fantastic time watching Despicable Me 3. They are all very excited to create some writing inspired by the film in their Literacy lessons next...

EYFS bonfire party fun

We had a fabulous bonfire party today. We prepared the food to share with our friends. Then we sat around our pretend bonfire and had a...

Wild Wacky Wednesday

Early years had such a fun, messy afternoon exploring different ways of painting to create firework pictures. We used whisks, mashers, tea balls and footballs. We blew, kicked and splattered. Thank goodness we had our old clothes, wellies and wet suits on.  But mostly...

Stranger Danger in Reception 

Reception had a visit from the police today. Ginette told the children about the job of the police. She also talked to the children about strangers and what a safe stranger...

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