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Tales on a Tuesday

This afternoon we had a lovely surprise of a mystery reader. We are getting very good at asking questions to try and guess who it is.        

Fun and fitness this Friday. 

Reception have had great fun exploring the large apparatus today. They were very good at listening to and following the instructions to ensure they were safe. Some children were even setting themselves personal challenges and trying to achieve these.  ...

Chinese New Year in Reception 

Reception had a special visitor this morning. Amanda came in to talk to the children about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. She also shared with us the story about how the years are named after animals.       

Fun exploring and playing in the snow. 

Reception have had lots of fun in the snow today. We practised throwing, found out how to make snowballs, discussed the size of the snowballs, made footprints and explored what happens when it gets warm.            

Gymnastics in Reception

  Today Reception had their first gymnastics lesson. They had lots of fun playing games and learning their first move.             .   

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