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Nurse Wendy visits Reception. 

 Nurse Wendy visited Reception to tell us all about the jobs people do at the hospital. She also told us about what happens when you go to hospital.               

Reception runners!

Reception wanted to run a mile for their sponsored event to raise money for Clic Sargent. Some of the children enjoyed it so much they ran two miles.            

Technology Tom at Blaydon West!

What a wonderful and exciting morning for all of our children! Technology Tom had an array of different objects and machines which he demonstrated using our children to show many different theories. Air, gravity and water power were all shown through a series of...

Giant Day in Reception 

Following on from the Giant visiting Reception last week, some of the children requested a Giant Day. So today the children dressed in giant clothes, did giant activities, then we finished the day with a giant tea party with our parents.       

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