Match Fit

Year 2 have been learning all about how to live a healthy lifestyle with their coach Adam from NUFC over the past two...

Partitioning in different ways

Year 2 have been using dienes to explore all of the different ways which numbers can be partitioned. They have been...

Friday News – 20/9/2019

Friday News - 20.9.19

Place value hunt!

Today in maths we went on a place value hunt! We had to find different numbers (represented in different ways) and...

Matchfit with NUFC.

This afternoon we had our second Matchfit session with the NUFC. This afternoon we focussed on what healthy diet looks...

Exploring habitats at Gibside.

As part of our Science topic, Living things and their habitats, we have been to a Gibside to explore the different...

Friday News

Friday News - 13.9.19

Celebrating Roald Dahl day!

Today is Roald Dahl day and we have been celebrating by taking part in the BBC live lesson which has the theme of...

“Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary and they enjoy their learning, particularly in mathematics and reading. They appreciate the work that their teachers do to make learning fun and take pride in their successes.”



Welcome to Blaydon West Primary School

Blaydon West Primary School is a very friendly school where children are encouraged to become confident, caring and articulate to enable them to reach their full potential.

SchoolAt Blaydon West Primary School we always put children first. This aim is at the heart of our vision. Every child is unique. Every child deserves the opportunity to be happy, feel valued and experience success.

This website provides information about our school, its aims, curriculum and activities. I hope it will give you a “feel” for the life and work of the school.

You are, of course, very welcome to look around the school yourself. Please contact Maureen Nacey on 4143286 if you would like to arrange a convenient time.

Mr Simon Brown, Head Teacher


Twitter @blaydon_west

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School News

Match Fit in Year 4

This term Year 4 are working alongside NUFC. They have been taking part in classroom activities which are themed around healthy lifestyles including exercise and diet. The children have gained knowledge of food groups and their purposes  and also how exercise and rest...

The Giant Jumperee

Yesterday Year One visited Blaydon Library to listen to and discuss a wide range of stories and poems, the most popular story the heard being "The Giant Jumperee" by Julia Donaldson. Before listening to the story, the children were given five clues to help them decide...


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