Fireman Sam visits Early Years

On Tuesday the children had a lovely surprise when a fire engine visited. They found out about all of the equipment...

Year 6 and Reception buddy party!

This morning year 6 organised a party to say thank you and farewell to their reception buddies. They have thoroughly...

Friday News – 12/7/2019

Friday News - 12.7.19

2019 Sports day!

The whole school had a fantastic sports day today! Our Year 6 pupils did a great job running all the activities for...

Final mystery reader of the year

What a lovely surprise to have a mystery reader so close to the end of the year. We loved listening to Revolting...

Great fire of Gateshead and Newcastle artwork.

This afternoon we did some artwork to portray the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle.

Human evolution.

This afternoon in Science year 5 and 6 have been studying human evolution. We have looked at how humans have adapted...

“Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary and they enjoy their learning, particularly in mathematics and reading. They appreciate the work that their teachers do to make learning fun and take pride in their successes.”



Welcome to Blaydon West Primary School

Blaydon West Primary School is a very friendly school where children are encouraged to become confident, caring and articulate to enable them to reach their full potential.

SchoolAt Blaydon West Primary School we always put children first. This aim is at the heart of our vision. Every child is unique. Every child deserves the opportunity to be happy, feel valued and experience success.

This website provides information about our school, its aims, curriculum and activities. I hope it will give you a “feel” for the life and work of the school.

You are, of course, very welcome to look around the school yourself. Please contact Maureen Nacey on 4143286 if you would like to arrange a convenient time.

Mr Simon Brown, Head Teacher


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School News

Learning how to grow mould

Our first science investigation this year was to find the best places to store bread to prevent it from going mouldy. We all put bread into lots of different places in the classroom in sealed bags so that the mould couldn't escape!  We checked on the bread every week...

Meet Alan Boddy – a University Professor!

In Science, as part of our Health and Growth topic, we wrote many questions to Freya's dad to ask him all about his job and how he helps people.   He is a professor who makes lots of medicines to help sick people.  He then visited our class to answer our questions and...

Greggs’ Visit – Who is next please?

Nursery enjoyed a shopping trip to Greggs in Blaydon. We had a good look at all the delicious cakes. Choosing what to buy was difficult. We had to pay and wait for our change. Following our visit to Greggs we set up a Greggs role play area. Who is next please? Writing...

Our Fire Engine visit – Fire! Fire!

Foundation Stage enjoyed a visit from the fire brigade. We enjoyed finding out about the role of the fireman. We even got to sit in the fire engine. The fireman showed us how to use the hose. This was great fun!

Keeping young children safe around medicines!

Catherine and Alison, teachers working for Hope UK, a Drug Awareness programme for children and young teenagers came into Year 2 to talk about how to keep safe with medicines.  Year 2 played games to make their learning enjoyable and then with the rest of the...


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