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Friday News – 11/1/2019

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and would like to wish you and your family a good year in 2019! I have loved listening to the stories about the Christmas festivities and what everyone has been getting up to. I am delighted that the...

People Who Help Us 

We had a visit from Ginette who is a police officer. She explained to us what the police do and how they help us. She also told us what a stranger is and what to do if a stranger speaks to us.  We also got to dress up in her uniform which was fun....

A frozen delivery

Nursery received a package this morning from princess Elsa. She needed our help, she accidentally froze her sister and friends and needed our help to free them. We thought about what we could do to melt the ice and used different tools to try to set them free.

The Great Fire of London 

Year 2 have been learning all about 'The Great Fire of London' this term. We have been looking closely at the difference between modern day London and London during Tudor times. Year 2 were very surprised to find out how different life was in London during Tudor...

Tudor Houses 

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed researching Tudor houses and their key features. They completed this task in preparation for designing and creating their very own Tudor house. 

Elf school 

Santa needed our help! Some of his elves were poorly so he sent us some jobs to do at elf school to see if we could become an elf. We wrapped some presents, designed elf clothes, did some elf counting, made candy cane marshmallows and elf hats. In pe we had to deliver...

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