School Clubs

We have a wide range of Lunchtime and After School Clubs.

There’s an activity for everyone!

Firework Fun 

Ks1 have had great fun at Art Club creating art work based on fireworks using a range of different media. Have a look at their wonderful designs below. 

Beautiful Baubles

Tonight at Art Club the children have been creating their very own baubles (yes - Christmas preparation is officially underway). To do so they had to use a range of materials creatively and apply them to their templates in the style of a collage. Well done everyone!...

Inflataspace -Active Club Trip

Some of our children have made a huge commitment to attending active club each week since January. Here they have learnt about having a healthy life style and have tried new games, sports and activities as well as making and sampling delicious healthy food. As a...

Christmas Fever at Art Club 

Christmas Fever has hit art club! The children have had great fun designing and creating their very own Christmas trees! Check out their beautiful work! 

Autumnal Art 

Last week at Art Club, we took advantage of this wonderful time of year and used some natural resources to create our work. We used a whole range of different Autumn leaves to create beautiful Autumn wreaths. 

Shooting Rockets 

On Thursday at art club, we had great fun making our very own firework rockets. For inspiration, we watched some beautiful firework videos. We then designed our own rockets based on these ideas using a range of craft materials. Check out our super designs. 

Year 4 Art Club

Year 4 are enjoying participating in a lunch time art club where they are sketching and painting some art work on canvas to display in our art gallery at the from entrance of our school.

Christmas Trees

Last week at Art Club the children created their very own Christmas tree paintings. To do so, the children had to apply a range of art and design techniques. However, let's just say the hand and finger painting element was a very messy job indeed. Some of us even...

Christmas fever has hit Art Club! 

                Christmas fever was in full swing at Art Club tonight! We used scrunched up tissue paper along with PVA glue to create some appetising Christmas puddings. Don't they just look good enough to eat?

Autumnal Antics

Last week at Art Club we got creative with some natural resources- autumn leaves. We used our hedgehog templates and carefully chose some vibrantly coloured autumn leaves to create some prickly art work.  Some of the children even made some autumnal sun catchers...

Firework fun at Art Club!

Key Stage One had great fun this week at art club! They created some amazing art work- all based on fireworks. They used wax crayons to colour in the background of their pictures. They then used a paint and washing up liquid solutions to completely paint over the top...

Fantastic football! 

Last week our year 5/6 football team played their first tournament. All members of staff were extreamly pleased their effort, sportsmanship and determination. Our keeper made some spectacular saves and the team as a whole played brilliantly together. I can't wait to...

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