Abstract Art

This half term, Year One have been exploring the work of abstract artist—Peter Thorpe.  Peter’s work stems from his love of space exploration and space science. When creating his paintings, Peter first designs a background using various colours and techniques; he then...

Poetry Recital

This week Year 2 are learning all about poems. As part of their homework they children had to find a poem that they liked and practise reciting their chosen poem. This morning they enjoyed a fantastic poetry recital where every child gave their own performance. They...

Pen Licenses 

In Year 3, we have been working extremely hard to improve our handwriting! This week Phoebe and Abbie managed to achieve their pen licences! They were very proud of their achievement! Well done girls! 

Dream World Poetry Competition 

Year 3 have been working extremely hard to create their own dream world poems. They have been working on using a range of different poetic devices including; personification, similes and metaphors. They have written, edited and improved their poems before sending them...

Journey Maps

Year 2 enjoyed another great visit to the Baltic Centre. During their visit they looked at some work titled 'Disappearance At Sea' which focuses on the journeys made by refugees. Part of the display was some Journey Maps. The children had a go at drawing a map of...

Double double, toil and trouble!

In year 6 we have been reading Macbeth. Today we wrote our own play scripts about when Macbeth visited the witches for a second time. We got the chance to perform our play scripts in front of the rest of the class to practise our speaking and listening skills.

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