Super Science at Shibdon Pond

Wow! we had the most fabulous weather for our trip to Shibdon. We collected items for our memory sticks and spotted lots of different varieties of plants and animals as well as seeing lots of very cute ducklings!

Year 2 love the allotment!

Year 2 had a fab time at the allotment this week!  Some of the money raised by the recent Eco-council fund raiser was used to buy some herbs and fruit trees so we planted them.  We also had our science lesson whilst we were there and identified and sorted different...

Year 2 fall into the Triangle Trap!

Year 2 spent some of Friday afternoon trying to solve a tricky triangular maths problem. We had to use their reasoning skills to escape the TRIANGLE TRAP! We had to investigate the different sizes of triangles and consider how to change them without changing the...
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