Weeding at the allotment!

This morning, we went to the allotment. We found lots of rasberries which we picked and enjoyed eating back in the classroom! We found one normal potato and one sweet patato. We all loved it at the allotment because it was a lot of fun. We also found bugs and insects...

Plant Portraits

Following on from Year One exploring and sketching a wide range of fruit and vegetables, the children continued to explore the work of Acrimboldo but this time through creating a portrait using fresh produce. Throughout the whole process the children had to really...

Fruit Faces

As part of our whole school "Allotment Week", Year One have been developing their art skills through a range of activities linked to the work of Giuseppe Acrimboldo (an artist who painted people; but he used different pieces of fruit to represent different parts of...

Yummy vegetable soup!

As part of allotment week we decided to make some vegetable soup. The children helped to chop up the vegetables. We loved eating our soup with some crunchy bread. Yummy!

Allotment Week Pt.1

As part of our whole school "Allotment Week", Year One have been carrying out a range cross-curricular activities related to fruits and vegetables. On Monday, we visited the school’s allotment to gain a better understanding of where food comes from. Following on from...

Investigating Micro-habitats!

This morning Year 2 visited the allotment to look at micro-habitats. They found lots of different mini-beasts and discussed the conditions that they lived in. We then came back to school where we discovered how each mini-beast was adapted to its micro-habitat and also...

Allotment Time!

Today Year 4 visited our school allotment where they spent time weeding the Year 4 bed and planting some sweet corn seeds. As always at the allotment, it was interesting to see how the mini beasts are living and the children enjoyed investigating the bug hotels.

Fun at the school allotment!

Yesterday we went up to the school allotment with Mrs Hall. Year 5 spent some time de-weeding their plant bed so they will be ready for new seeds to be planted while Year 6 planted beetroot seeds in their plant bed. Now we just need to wait for them to grow!...

Allotment Club

This week at allotment club some of the Year 3 children have been helping to plant anemone bulbs. Before doing so, the children had to make sure their planting spaces were tidy by removing all unwanted leaves and weeds. Once the children had dug their holes and...

Fruits, Vegetables and Minibeasts!

Last week Year One visited the school’s allotment. When we were there we discovered lots of different fruits and vegetables, which we were even allowed taste, yummy!
During our visit we also carried out a minibeast hunt. The children found lots of creepy crawlies hiding in all sorts of different places…. but I am sure Mrs Loughhead did not expect to find a furry friend hiding amongst the courgettes!


Y4/5 enjoyed a morning of weeding at the allotment! We cleared out some of the troughs ready for winter bulb planting. We also found some wriggly creatures for the bug hotel!

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