To bring our Spooktacular Science week to a close, Year 1 carried out an investigation in order to find out what happens to “Pumpkin Peeps” (marshmallows) when you place them in different liquids (water, milks, oil and vinegar).

Before doing so, the children shared their predictions as to what they thought would happen during the experiment. Some of those predictions being:

  • “I think the pumpkins will dissolve”
  • “I think the pumpkins will sink”
  • “I think the pumpkins will turn white”

Throughout the investigation the children used their observational skills to examine closely what happened to the marshmallows, using a table to record their findings i.e. drawing the pumpkins.  As the investigation progressed the children made a number of interesting discoveries. Some of those being:

  • “The marshmallows don’t change in the oil”
  • “The vinegar has made the pumpkin’s face disappear”
  • “The water has changed colour”
  • “The pumpkins have turned yellow”

Once we had recorded all of our findings and shared our discoveries we then wrote a sentence to conclude our investigation. Well done everyone!


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