As part of our Spooktacular Science Week, children from across KS1 were split in to four groups: pumpkins, ghosts, cats and cauldrons, in order to carry out a range of Halloween-themed science activities.

The first activity set up in Year 1 was a potion-themed pattern seeking activity. The following question was posed to the children: “Are boys better than girls at collecting potion ingredients?” then they set to work taking it turns to dip their hands in the cauldrons in order to try and collect as many items as they possibly could (these consisting of: bats, eyeballs, mice, spiders and witches’ fingers). This was a very messy job indeed!

Once they had dipped their hands in to the cauldrons they then placed their spooky findings in to a bowl to examine. They then created pattern strips with their findings ready to share with the rest of their group. Across the morning we discovered that the girls were just as good as the boys at picking potion ingredients (overall result was 2:2); however the girls were much better at collecting bats and the boys were better at scooping eyeballs from the cauldrons. Yak!

The second activity was a trick or treat themed sorting and classifying activity which required the children to work together to try and find as many different ways possible to group the sweets. The children came up with some fantastic ways of classifying the sweets. Some of those being: like vs don’t like, packet/non-packet, chocolate/non-chocolate, fizzy/non-fizzy – not forgetting sorting them based on their shape, colour, size etc….. the list is endless. Well done everyone!


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