Today Year One visited Thorp Academy to take part in a Halloween-themed materials workshop. First they were introduced to the terms: solid, liquid and gas, and what they each mean. They then carried out practical tasks to help them understand exactly what they each mean i.e. by taking on the role of particles and travelling around the laboratory in different ways. This really helped the children understand how and why liquids and gases are able to move so freely while solids are able to take on their own shape and are usually defined as being hard or firm (because their particles are so close together).

The children then set to work exploring how materials can change state i.e. from a liquid to a solid, by making their very own slime. The children had so much experimenting with the different materials and I can safely say they are now all expert slime makers. Well done everyone!

P.S. It might be worth asking the children what the world polymer means 🙂



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