Year 3 had a fantastic visit to Blaydon Library this morning! The librarian read an extract of a book, Arctic Hero, and explained to the children that this was a bibliography. We then talked about the features of a biography – the children were intrigued and wanted to find out more about Matthew Henson.  After lots of discussion, the children then chose a book and sat on a chair. The children then explained why they had chosen their book and the game of musical books began! When the music was playing the children had to walk around the chairs, when the music stopped they had to sit on the chair closest to them and have a look at that book that was sitting on the chair. The librarian asked the children if that was a similar book to what they would choose and encouraged the children to not judge a book by its cover. The children read the blurbs and decided if next time they would maybe choose a different book instead of the same style or genre that they would usually go for. We continued to play the game, lots of children were interested in perhaps taking an alternative book back to school but some children wanted to stick with a favourite choice of author or genre.

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