Yesterday morning, Year One’s classroom was transformed in to the location of, and host to, the 2018 Sensory Olympics, The special event, which was organised to help the children discover which part of the body is associated with each sense, required the children to compete in a range of mini-events, each one specifically set to test their sense of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.

The first event required the children to correctly identify the objects which made the secret sounds. The second event being, an activity where the children were required to identify the objects that had been removed from the middle of the carpet. The third event was a sock-smelling task where the children had to put their sniffing ability to the test. The forth event involved a feely box and a range of familiar objects for the children to touch. Last but not least, was the black jelly tasting activity where the children had to use their sense of taste to identify the different flavours. This was quite tricky as the children agreed that the colour of your food often helps you decide what it might taste like.

Take a look for yourself…


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