Last Friday morning, the parents and carers of Year One joined us in the classroom to learn about the various ways that the children are taught maths.

With “Santa’s Sweet Shop” being the theme for the workshop, the classroom was set up with a range of different activities, each with a money focus, but also with a link to one of the three main strands of mathematics: fluency; problem solving; and reasoning.

It was lovely for the parents and carers to see the children demonstrating their maths skills in a relevant context that was fun and engaging.

Some of the activities required the children to do the following:

  • Name and recognise a range of coins and their denominations
  • Create specific amounts in order to buy items from the sweet shop i.e. “What coins could we use to a buy a chocolate Santa which is priced at 12p?” (counting in 2s) etc.
  • Use mixed coin combinations to buy items i.e. 5p = 2p + 2p + 1p
  • Find different ways to make the same amount i.e. “How many ways can you make a total of 10p? etc.
  • Solve true and false statements i.e. “Can we use only 2ps to make a value of 11p?” etc.

The children exceeded expectations and impressed us all by showcasing all of the skills that they have acquired during this past term. Well done everyone!


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