Last week, Year One carried out a “Three Little Pigs” themed materials investigation. Let’s take a look at what they did.

Before getting started the children had to decide which “piggy” team they would like to work in. This was a bit tricky as they had to make a decision based on their preferred choice of material (paper, wood or plastic).

Once they were in their teams they decided on what equipment and additional materials that they would also like to use i.e. ruler, paper, sticky tape, rubber bands etc. They then discussed how they were going to construct their houses. For instance some children were allocated specific roles such as “material collectors”.

After much debating they then set to work on their structures.

Back in the classroom we then predicted which house we thought was the strongest. Once we had finished sharing our ideas, we then tested the stability of each structure by seeing if the “Big Bad wolf” could blow them down.

From their results the children came to the following conclusion: when choosing from paper, wood and plastic; “plastic is the best material to use to construct a house as it is stronger and more stable”.

So there you go… if you ever need to build a house for a pig; don’t use paper or wood; use plastic!

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