Over the past few days Year One have been developing their understanding of counting in multiples through a range of “Three Little Pig” themed counting activities. In preparation for Friday’s material investigation, some of our numeracy tasks required the children to apply their knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in order to count a range of materials i.e. sticks (2s), bricks (10s) and bundles of straw (5s). Before each activity, we recapped on counting in and recognising the particular multiple that we were focusing on that day. We then used this information to match various multiples to the correct amount of materials. Once we had mastered this skill, we then played a game which required our friends to display a specific amount of materials i.e. five bundles of straws (5 x 5 =) on our whiteboards for our friends to then calculate how many there were through counting in multiples, recording their total when doing so. Some of us even went on to solve multiplication number sentences and word problems! Well done everyone!







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