As part of Year One’s Halloween themed week, the children have been busy exploring the capacity and volume of a range of liquid-based ingredients and measuring containers in preparation for their potion making challenge. Some of the ingredients being: Wizard’s Tears, Brown’s Bogeys, Fairy Dust, Dragon’s Blood and Monster’s Wee — yak!

The first task of the week went like this: First we shared our ideas as to how you can measure liquids. Next we explored using the following new vocabulary: full, empty, half full, almost full and nearly empty in order to determine how much potion was in each of the five potion bottles. We then worked in pairs and took it turns to pour different amounts of potion for our friends to describe using their new magical maths words.

The second task of the week involved the children estimating how much potion it would take to fill a range of containers. This required the children to really think about the shape and size of each container as they discovered this determines the volume of liquid it can hold. We even measured and recorded amounts in millilitres!

Watch this space for more spooktacular spells!


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