Today Year 3 have been on a very exciting trip to the Jorvik centre! To begin their day, Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to travel on the train from Newcastle to York. The children thoroughly enjoyed this as it was the first time many of the children had ever been on a train! Once the children arrived in Jorvik, they took part in two informative and exciting workshops about Viking clothing and Battle tactics. During these workshops, the children learned lots of interesting facts and had the opportunity to wear and use some Viking clothing and weapons. It was brilliant! On top of these fantastic workshops, Year 3 also got to ‘travel back in time’ at the Jorvik centre and see, hear and smell exactly what life was like during the Viking times. We all felt like real life Vikings- it was so realistic! Year 3 all behaved fantastically and showed such maturity throughout this trip- they should all be extremely proud of themselves. We would also like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Jorvik for making our day so memorable and informative! 

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