On Friday Year 2 visited Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. They had a fantastic time learning about the famous Knight Harry Hotspur before being split into two teams, England and Scotland, and attacking or defending the barbican. England won and the Scottish were led to the dungeons where we learnt all about what happened to prisoners.

After lunch the children played medieval games the courtyard before going on a picture hunt around the castle. We finished the day by sitting on the hill opposite the castle and sketching the view.

It’s a trip the children and myself will never forget.

The children meet one of Alnwick Castle more mythical creatures.

Harry Hotspur take on the french knight The Earl of Moray.

The children have their photo taken with the actors from the Harry Hotspur play.

The children get hands on experience with the armour a knight wore to battle.

The Scottish soldiers prepare for battle.

English soldiers defend the barnican.

The Scottish have been defeated. The English march them off the dungeons.

The Scottish solders looking sad about their capture.

Courtyard Games.

More courtyard games.

Posing in the bailey.

Year 2 in front of Alnwick castle.



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