As part of our ‘Victorious Victorians’ topic, we visited Cragside house and gardens yesterday.

When we arrived we had a short tour around parts of Lord Armstrong’s house. It is huge so we only had time to look around a few of the rooms.

During one of our workshops we tried on different outfits that rich Victorians would have worn.

We even got the chance to try on different hats that they would have worn!

Another workshop we took part in was about Victorian toys. They are very different to the types of things we play with today!

We also got the chance to make lemon barley water (a tasty refreshment!). Some of us enjoyed it very much! But then again it was far too sour for some of us!

After lunch outside in the sunshine, we just had time to walk over the amazing Iron Bridge and take a short walk through the grounds of Cragside.

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