In preparation for our “Space Party”, the children have been learning all about fractions. To kick-start our fraction-based activities, the children were given a practical task of working out how to share their snacks evenly.

Before doing so, we talked about what we think the word “half” means. The children came up with some fantastic explanations and examples such as: “having the same amount as someone else”; “cutting a cake in half”; “sharing something evenly” etc. Once we had discussed our ideas further and all agreed that when halving something we have to make sure both halves are of an equal size or amount, we then began to share our snacks with our partners. Through doing this, not only did the children find more than one way to share some of the snacks, they even realised that when you half something, or share it evenly between two, you each get one half as two halves make one whole.



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