In Year 5 and 6, we took part in an Astromaths workshop with some of the staff from The Life Centre.

During the morning we designed our own rockets and investigated which angle we should launch our rockets to make the go the furthest distance.




img_2141 img_2142 img_2145 img_2153

We found that around 40 degrees was the best angle.


During the afternoon, we spent some time in the Life Centre’s pop up planetarium which was amazing! We looked at different star constellations and where they are in the sky.


After that we got the chance to investigate different rocks to find out which ones were parts of meteorites and which ones were earth rocks. To do this we weighed the rocks and worked out their volume using water and cylinders. We then used this information to work out the density which told us which type of rock they were!

img_2174 img_2178 img_2180

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